Customizing Lens Implants in Cataract Surgery

Customizing Lens Implants in Cataract Surgery

There have been so many exciting new developments in the technology of lens implants over the last 15 years, from implants that correct astigmatism to advances in multifocal implants that offer a range of vision from distance to near. One of the featured talks in the Innovator Session this year featured a laser that can adjust the features of ANY implant even if it was placed years ago.

This in-office laser is called The Perfector and can change the power of an intraocular lens and can even make a standard lens a multifocal lens. The effects can also be reversed with the laser if the patient does not like the vision. This will offer all of our patients with lens implants a chance to “try on” multifocal lenses and reverse if they dislike them. We will also be able to adjust the power of the lenses.

The laser is in the early stages of development; human trials have not yet begun. This is an exciting story to follow and I can’t wait to hear more about this potentially powerful tool to enhance our surgery results.

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