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Clear Lens Exchange

Lens Implants as an Alternative to LASIK

For patients with very high refractive errors (very nearsighted or very farsighted), LASIK is often not a safe or effective option to correct the vision. In a select group of patients, a refractive lens exchange is a better choice. This procedure corrects the vision by removing the natural lens and replacing it with an that has a different focusing power, similar to a cataract surgery procedure. As cataract surgery has become more advanced and precise, this procedure is worthy of consideration in patients over the age of 40 who desire greater spectacle independence for both distance and near vision. Both extended depth of focus lenses such as the Symfony and Vivity, and multifocal lenses such as the Panoptix are offered. At Akler Eye Center, a thorough evaluation is performed to determine if this procedure is a good fit and which implant is right for you based on your unique vision.

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