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Cataract Surgery in Detroit & Dearborn

Is Cataract Surgery Right For You?

Most of our Dearborn and Detroit Cataract patients visit us once their cataracts are overwhelming. What’s important to know is cataracts are a common cause of visual loss in adults age 55 and over. If left untreated they can interfere with activities such as reading and driving. Today’s surgery options for cataracts are safe and effective in restoring the vision.

Dr. Michelle Akler was one of the first ophthalmologists in Southeast Michigan to utilize Bladeless LASER cataract surgery, a customized technique that offers unparalleled safety and predictability. Akler Eye Center is also at the forefront of refractive cataract surgery, utilizing toric lenses (Acrysof® Toric and Trulign® Toric lenses) to correct astigmatism, accommodating lenses (Crystalens AO® and Trulign® Toric lenses) and extended dept- of-focus lenses (Symfony®, Symfony® Toric) to correct both your distance and near vision.

At Akler Eye Center, you will have a thorough evaluation to determine which options are best suited to you to correct your vision.
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