Update on Masking and Distancing Policies

Update on Masking and Distancing Policies

COVID-19 Policy Update and Vaccination Info

Dear friends, patients and family,

As you know, the CDC has recently updated their guidelines for fully vaccinated people indicating that masking and distancing is not required both indoors and outdoors. Governor Whitmer subsequently dropped the masking mandate in Michigan for fully vaccinated individuals.

However, the CDC guidelines do not apply to health care settings, where masking of both health care workers and patients is still recommended (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019…-guidance.html). Further, Governor Whitmer did not lift the capacity and distancing requirements for businesses. In light of this, for the time being, Akler Eye Center will continue to require masking of all patients and staff regardless of vaccination status. We will also continue to have patients wait in the car until they are called in and to use our waiting rooms minimally. Family will be asked to wait in the car but of course if someone requires assistance family members may join.

At the time of this writing, 55.6% of Michiganders age 16 and up have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. Let’s keep moving the needle on this number – I strongly urge you to get out and get vaccinated if you haven’t already – both for your protection and for the community at large. Here is the information about the vaccines – all readily available at pharmacies, churches and public health departments in your cities.

MRNA Vaccines

  • Pfizer (age 12 and up), Moderna (age 18 and up)
  • Allows your cells to make the COVID spike viral protein which your immune system then recognizes and makes antibodies against the virus
  • Not a live vaccine
  • Does not change your DNA or stay in your body
  • 2 doses required


  • Johnson & Johnson (age 18 and up)
  • Uses a non-infectious cold virus to have your own cells produce the spike protein which your immune system recognizes and makes antibodies against
  • 1 dose
  • Less likely to cause muscle aches, fatigue, fever than the MRNA vaccines

I will keep you updated as the guidelines continue to evolve. If you have been vaccinated please bring your card with you and we will scan it into your record.

I wish you and your families continued health and look forward to seeing you all in the clinic soon!


We at Akler Eye Center look forward to taking care of all of your eye care needs as we navigate this “new normal” together.


Michelle Akler, MD
Akler Eye Center
Sterling Heights & Dearborn


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