Throwback Thursdays – Appreciating our Teachers

Throwback Thursdays – Appreciating our Teachers

MEA&Dr.JohnsonIn my mind, I’m still about 21 years old – hip, current, on top of all the trends.

However, learning to function in today’s world of social media has taught me again and again that I’m not as current as I would like to believe.

What does TBT mean anyway?  It took my receptionist, currently a college student, to set me straight.  #Throwback Thursdays!!  So that’s the reason for all the baby pictures!

It has been 15 years since I completed my ophthalmology training at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, now known as the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute.  I will always be grateful to all my mentors who gave me the foundation on which my practice rests today.  They patiently guided me from a novice doctor to a confident surgeon and instilled in me the importance of lifelong learning.  In a field that’s changing at such a rapid pace, the best lesson taught to me was to never become set in my ways and to be open to new ideas.

As for my #Throwback Thursday photo, here is one of me and David W. Johnson, MD, my program director in Colorado, circa 1999.  Thank you for believing in me and growing me into the physician I am today.  Now, back to the future – off to learn how to use #Tumblr!

Michelle E.  Akler, MD

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