Simplifying Postoperative Cataract Surgery Procedures

Simplifying Postoperative Cataract Surgery Procedures

Simplifying our patient’s postoperative cataract regimen with “Near Dropless” cataract surgery


When discussing cataract surgery with patients, I used to counsel that taking all of the eyedrops afterwards was the hardest part of the procedure. The eye drop regimen was confusing and expensive, requiring 3 different drops be taken four times daily for up to 4 weeks after cataract surgery.  I am pleased to report that a new technique has allowed us to dramatically reduce the number of drops used after surgery.

TriMoxi is a combination of antibiotic (moxifloxacin) and steroid (triamcinolone) that is injected into the eye at the conclusion of the cataract surgery.  Delivering this medication into the back part of the eye (vitreous body) allows prevention of both infection and inflammation after cataract surgery without the use of multiple eye drops.


This technique has been safe and effective for our patients.  Our current regimen is to use only one non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drop for 3 days prior to surgery and 2 weeks after surgery.  This has been especially well-received in our elderly population who previously would have had to rely on family members to administer their drops multiple times daily.  Of course, inflammation may still develop in a small percentage of patients who would then require additional drops.

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