Multifocal Lens Implants

Lens Implants after Cataract Surgery

Akler Eye Center is pleased to offer the Symfony® extended depth of focus intraocular lens which was recently approved by the FDA. This lens provides continuous high-quality vision at all distances reducing the dependency on readers for near vision. In contrast to other multifocal lenses, patients report less glare and haloing at night with the symfony®. The symfony® also comes in a toric form to correct astigmatism if necessary. At your personalized cataract consultation, Dr. Akler will advise you if this lens is a good choice for you.

Cataract surgery has evolved tremendously over the last 20 years.  Early surgeries involved removing the cloudy lens (cataract) as a whole and using multiple stitches to close the eye.  Today cataracts are removed by phacoemulsification (ultrasound energy that breaks up the cataract into small pieces) through a tiny self-sealing incision.  A foldable implant is inserted in the eye rolled up like a taco and gently unfolds into position. The small incisions and foldable implants used have allowed many more choices for optimal vision correction after cataract surgery.

Trulign® Toric IOL

The Trulign® Toric IOL is an accommodating IOL that corrects preexisting astigmatism and allows excellent uncorrected distance and intermediate vision and improved near vision. This implant allows patients with significant astigmatism to also have the benefit of improved intermediate and near vision and has been an excellent addition to our IOL choices.

Crystalens® Implants

Standard implants correct the distance vision, but readers are still required for near tasks such as reading and sewing.  The Crystalens® is a specialized implant that moves inside the eye to change the focus from distance to near.  The Crystalens® generally gives excellent distance vision and intermediate vision.  Glasses may still be required for prolonged reading especially if the lighting is poor. Unlike other multifocal implants, there is no degradation of the night vision with the Crystalens®.  This implant is an excellent choice for patients who desire almost complete independence from glasses after cataract surgery.

Patients who have previously undergone LASIK vision correction may still be candidates for the Crystalens®.  Calculation of implant power is more challenging after LASIK or radial keratotomy (RK).  During your cataract consultation, Dr. Akler and her team will review these and any other issues regarding your ocular and medical history that may impact your implant choice.

Our Commitment to Quality

At the Akler Eye Center in Dearborn MI, we recognize that everyone has unique visual needs.  Our goal is to discuss your expectations in detail and create a plan for your cataract surgery that will provide you with the best visual result tailored specifically to your lifestyle.

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