CustomVue™ LASIK

The Custom LASIK Procedure

Akler Eye Center is pleased to offer customized LASIK to our patients.  Until recently, LASIK treatments were based on the patient’s prescription measurements only (conventional LASIK).  With CustomVue™ LASIK (customized LASIK) a special device called the WaveScan unit measures thousands of points along your entire visual system.  This allows us to make a 3-D map of your visual system which specifically guides the excimer laser to create a treatment that is specific for your eyes.  The WaveScan unit will also map multiple points on the colored part of the eye called the iris which allows the treatment to be lined up to your eye in a very precise fashion.  The majority of patients who receive customized LASIK achieve 20/20 vision or better.

STAR S4 IR Sys-Blue LR

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