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After thorough research regarding LASIK facilities within the metro-Detroit area, I came across Dr. Akler and her staff in Dearborn, MI. The reviews from previous patients lead me to the decision of having Dr. Akler provide the corrective surgery for my eyes. After a deployment to Afghanistan I returned having a desire to fix my eyes and keep my Navy career going strong without any reason to step back instead of stepping forward. The corrective surgery provided by Dr Akler was quick, painless, and had me seeing 20/20 the following day. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for corrective eye surgery to seek Dr. Akler and her staff, they are all very knowledgeable and very professional!

J.N. (LASIK Surgery)

For years I had wanted to do something about correcting my blurry vision. It affected everything I did and I finally got fed up enough to do something about it.
From the consultation, through the surgery and into the post care follow up, Dr. Akler and her staff have been very attentive to my concerns, wishes and well-being. And most importantly, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I should have done it years ago.
I would recommend Dr. Akler’s office to everyone… without hesitation….without reservation. There is just not enough space to say all of the good things that deserve to be said.

Marc G. ( LASIK Surgery)

My entire experience with the Akler Center was excellent. From the receptionist to the assistants to Dr. Akler herself there was a balance of warmth, genuine caring and professional competence. I especially appreciated Dr. Akler’s close attention as we discussed my needs and concerns to determine a lens that would enhance my lifestyle. The result with the Crystalens ™ was astonishing! I probably lost the definition of “white” decades ago. Today my ability to thread a needle, read a menu in a dark restaurant, work on the computer and live my life without glasses is very liberating. Thanks to all who brightened my world.

Lana L. (Cataract Surgery with Crystalens™ IOL)

I live in the metro Detroit area with my wife and little one on the way. Like most, my vision is very precious to me. I did consults with 3 different LASIK professionals in the area and decided to move forward with Dr. Akler. She graduated from the University of Toronto, where the procedure was first mastered. The individuals at the office were all extremely professional and answered all my questions (all 1,000 of them). If your thinking about it, go do it. Dr. Akler has your best interests in mind.

Joe H. (LASIK)

I have struggled with low vision for almost forty years. When I first met Dr. Akler, she was very warm-hearted and everyone in her eye center was so nice. They gave me the courage to do the surgery. Because my vision was so low, I couldn’t have LASIK surgery, I had to have the surgery where you change the lens in your eye like cataract surgery.
When I was wheeled out of the surgery room after the first eye procedure, my world changed! I was so happy and satisfied with my right eye I couldn’t wait for the surgery to be done on my left eye! After having my second eye done I can see very clearly with both eyes. I don’t need glasses anymore! I’m so glad that I met Dr. Akler and so grateful that she made my world so colorful and vivid.

Ping Z. (Clear Lens Exchange with Crystalens Implant)

My vision before the surgery was lousy. My optometrist recommended I have my cataracts removed so I came to Dr. Akler. I had them removed and my life has totally changed. My world is bright now, it’s like I’m seeing in 3-D. I am forever grateful to Dr. Akler for her skills and her wonderful staff for their patience with me. I don’t know how I could ever repay her for what she has given me.

MC (Cataract with Toric IOL)

Eight years ago I made a decision that impacted my life significantly. I decided to have LASIK surgery. After much research I chose to have it done by Dr. Michelle Akler. Dr. Akler was extremely competent, and an added plus was that she was also extremely compassionate and caring! What a miracle – to go from coke-bottle lenses to 20/20 vision! So when in recent years it became evident that cataracts were impacting negatively on my vision it was a “given” to me that I would again seek Dr. Akler’s help. Dr. Akler performed the surgery and implanted toric lenses in both eyes. Her competency, caring and compassion once more brought about amazing results. Obviously both my experiences with Dr. Akler would lead me to highly recommend her to anyone seeking excellent eye care.

G.O. (LASIK, cataract with Toric IOL)

I had not realized how bad my vision was; it was all fuzzy and foggy. After I had both eyes done with cataract surgery my vision is so much better! Dr. Akler is great, absolutely great! The Dearborn Surgery Center was phenomenal, my son took me and he was as impressed as I was. The care was excellent and my life has changed – I feel like I want to live again! Go visit the Akler Eye Center!

Patricia R. (Cataract Surgery)

I am a registered nurse. I am very critical of the care I receive. I chose to see Dr. Akler for LASIK surgery. I am now about a week out from the procedure and totally thrilled. Dr. Akler and her staff explained every single step of the process to me including how long it would last and what to expect next. Her office and the surgery center are outstanding! The experience was AMAZING! I have recommended her to my co-workers, neighbors and friends.

Amanda I. (LASIK)

Without glasses I could only see colors. I had problems wearing my contacts and with me playing hockey I could not play wearing glasses, so laser eye surgery was my only option. My experience at Akler Eye Center has been phenomenal. I was told what was to be expected every step of the way and felt comfortable. I am still amazed by what I can see now! I am very, very satisfied.

Cameron B. (Surface Ablation)

I had my eyes done with LASIK recently by Dr. Akler and it’s amazing to be able to see and be free of glasses. Dr. Akler and her staff put you completely as ease and explain everything you’re going to experience before it happens. The procedure was pain free and 100% successful. Dr. Akler has done surgeries for 4 other family members and 2 friends…I would recommend them to anyone if you want the best.

Angel M. (LASIK)

For one thing, everyone at Akler Eye Center is so nice. You feel like they are taking you personally, just you yourself. You are just the most important patient ever and that reassures you and makes you more comfortable. There is nothing scary about cataract surgery. They put you at ease. Dr. Akler is great. I have recommended her to one of my friends and I will continue recommending her. So, all in all, everything is 150% happy.

Barbara S. (Cataract Surgery)

“Akler Eye Center has been awesome! I could see right after the surgery which I was amazed by. It is great to get up in the morning and be able to read the clock!”

Kelly M. (LASIK)

“I always had poor eyesight and wearing contacts and glasses has been burdensome. My LASIK experience at Akler Eye Center was great. When I was done, I got up, and within minutes I could see! My vision is even better than when I was wearing contacts and glasses!”

Nate J. (LASIK)

“Before cataract surgery, my distance vision was so blurry. The cataract surgery with Dr. Akler was perfect. With the toric implants, my eyes could not be better. I am definitely happy!”

Tom M. (Toric Lens Cataract Surgery)

Before I had my lens implant, I could only wear my contact lenses for a few hours at a time and then my eyes were very blurry and dry. I asked Dr. Akler if there was anything I could do about my vision and she told me about the lens implant surgery. Once I had the surgery done, the moment I woke up everything was so clear. I looked outside the window and saw the color of the beautiful fall leaves. I would recommend this procedure to anyone that has any vision problems at all!

Mary C. (Clear Lens Exchange with Crystalens Implant)

I was having great difficulty driving at night due to shadows and difficulty distinguishing the distance to the curb. Since having the LASER cataract surgery this has all improved greatly and my distance vision is terrific. I was surprised at how easy the whole process was. You get wheeled into the operating room, look up and see something red above you and the next thing you know you are being wheeled out and eating blueberry muffins and drinking coffee. It was just that simple. I was there at 8:00am and by 9:30 I was leaving for home. It was the easiest surgical procedure that I have ever been through, including dentistry. Now my vision is sharper, clearer and all the colors are much brighter. I am very pleased.

Patrick D. (Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery)

I had my eyes done with LASIK after 40 years of wearing glasses. This was a lifelong dream of mine and I couldn’t be happier. From a person who was too scared to use contacts, I did this. This procedure was awesome and PAINLESS. I would highly recommend Dr. Akler and her team they were totally professional and very caring to work with. I love it, Thank you very much. You have me seeing wonderfully!

Terri B. (LASIK)