A New Beginning by Dr. Michelle Akler

A New Beginning by Dr. Michelle Akler

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese philosopher

Monday January 31, 2011 will go on the books for me as one of the most exciting days in my medical career as I launch my own ophthalmology practice, Akler Eye Center. Surrounded by an outstanding, dedicated staff in my state-of-the-art facility, I will be able to deliver the highest level, most technologically advanced eye care with the personal touch I am known for.

My passion for the practice of ophthalmology has allowed me many great moments in my career, from receiving national awards for excellence in LASIK surgery to helping a young mother regain her vision with advanced cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants. I will now dedicate that passion to ensuring that Akler Eye Center will be a leader in all aspects of ophthalmology care.

The Akler Eye Center, above all, will offer personalized care and outstanding service. One of the greatest joys of my career has involved the relationships I have built with patients over the years. Anticipating the future relationships I will build by doing what I do best, practicing medical and surgical ophthalmology, is what propels me forward during this busy, exciting time in my career.

By: Michelle Akler, MD

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